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The Seapaddler´s Blue Ribbon of Sweden was established in 1990 by Jim Danielsson.
In 1991 Jim became the first paddler to be awarded the Blue Ribbon. Since then the tour has been accomplished by paddlers from Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, Norway and Swiss. (alpha sorted by appearance)
Five paddlers had already made the tour along the entire coast of Sweden long before the rules were established. These paddlers have been made honorary members of the Blue Ribbon.
To a paddler who considers making an attempt to obtain the Blue Ribbon can be said that many experiences of different kinds will be waiting while moving along in a kayak from Svinesund to Haparanda. There is however reason to raise a finger of warning. Although Swedish waters are known by international paddlers to begin with a protected coastline and a lack of real tide, one should not underestimate the potential dangers. There are some passages that may put a paddler to the test if the weather suddenly should deteriorate. It is also a long way to go, roughly 2.300 kilometres, and it will surely put a strain on both body and mind. So do not look too romantically upon an oncoming tour.
Several paddlers have aborted their attempts when overwhelmed by harder weather condition than expected and to avoid falling outside their own abilities. Their wise decisions have been well grounded. Some have started out alone only to learn that they cannot cope with solitude over such a long spell of time.

©  Erik Leonsson - certified nr 42

To paddle the entire Coast of Sweden is truly a long distance paddling in the right sense of the word. Of course, different paddlers are making the trip in different ways. Some like to test themselves and their equipment to the limit by finishing the trip as fast as possible, others just glide along at a leisurely speed enjoying a summer, which forever will be very special to them.
Thus, the number of days a paddler is out on the trip is of no importance for obtaining the Blue Ribbon. However, the interest in an unofficial record will always be at hand and therefore the book of records will be updated each time a new record is set.
No matter how a paddler chooses to perform the trip, he/she should put an honour in staying within their own safety-zones. Any paddler who completes the tour will get to know his/her own real qualities and he will for ever be rewarded by a unique experience, an experience he him-/her- self has earned by using his/her own muscle-power and wit while travelling as an humble guest in the vast kingdom of sea and nature.
Each paddler will discover that even the safest waters can be hard to negotiate if the sea decides to roar and roll, as on the other hand the most ill fated waters can be quite comfortable to pass if the weather is smiling - a well-known fact that paddlers from all over the world are well aware of.
One thing that all paddlers have in common is that we quietly navigate our little boats, slow or fast, day or night and we are given a rhythm of life that only a few know exists parallel to our modern society.
Furthermore, regardless of what category of paddlers we at present are part of - long or short distance-paddlers, river-runners or gourmet paddlers - and regardless of what type of kayak or canoe we paddle at sea, on lakes and rivers - as seafarers we are all sisters and brothers.
Jim Danielsson

HBB is neither a club nor an association with a board of directors and regulations
and has no juridical responsibility.
HBB is a paddling-tour under simple rules.

HBB = Swedish abbreviation of Havspaddlarnas BBand (The Seapaddler´s Blue Ribbon of Sweden)