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Continuously updates during season are made to page Announced Paddlers, not mentioning the paddlers own homepages while on the tour.
Short news concerning HBB with influence to our paddlers will appear below.

2018-10-19 Now is the last finish made for this year.
2018-10-14 With fresh spirit and healed body is Nenia restarting to finish her abandoned tour, We wish her good luck.
2018-10-10 Today will the first jury meeting be held. With successful outcome, but what could possibly go wrong with all days carefully noted in good order.
2018-09-20 A happy news was today made by Nenia. She will come back to finish her paddling. Her rest has made wonder to her body and the will to finish right way has returned.
2018-07-16 A change at the landing spot at Virtakari is that the inline marks we mention no longer exist. Remain does however the spot itself.
Here is our the page about Virtakari.
2018-06-08 Therese and Kevin have now started. As a compliment to their homepage will spy reports also be available enabling a closer watch of the tour. Nice pleasure we hope and wish them good luck.
2018-04-16 The sound of a starting shot has now echoed between the rocks in Svinesund - he first this year. After accomplished the White Ribbon it was convenient to make un earlier start of HBB. It' all about timing and looking at the forecasts we can agree. We wish all starting paddler the best of luck.
2017-10-21 We welcome the first announcement for next season and wish all prepartations will fall in their place and hope for good luck.


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About HBB tours there are stories at the homepage too and not less the growing number of homepages as well. They are all rendering the logbook. Some in English and marked out. Their links are to be found at the page Approved Paddlers such as Jim's story after the numerous paddling and many others. Either as link to a homepage or a written story in Word documents.