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Photo: Käringöfjorden - 58º08’22.97” / 11º20’56.47”   

Chairman's gavel 
The chairman's gavel given Jim by the Davidsson family in August 2009.
The inscription says: "HBB 2008 Fam. Davidsson".

What happens at the jury-meeting?
1. Establishing number of paddling-days.
2. Scrutinizing log and maps/charts.
3. Asking candid question eye to eye: "With your kayak-honor at stake, have you taken part of the rules, understood them and complied with them"?
4.At approval, grand awarding of miniature kayak. */
5.Beer and sandwiches.
6.Coffee and perhaps a look at pictures from the trip.
Sven Berggren
Lennart Bergström
Jim Danielsson
Magnus Fischer
Mats Grindvik
Thorvald Nielsen
Lilja Nikulasdottir
Louisa Rolandsdotter
Peter Sjödin
Curt Ostwald —  2018-11-02
We miss our friend.
*/ INFORMATION textruta how to obtain a, or see the MINIATURE KAYAKminiatyrkajak  —  (shows at mouse over).


A chois of photos from passed meetings

Jon och Peter — år 2007
Expectant paddlers in front of the bar – not without some fear.
After introductory questions maps or charts are brought forth and the activity around the table increases.
Mats, Jim, Thorvald and Erling – year 2008 Jim, Webmaster, Jon and Peter – year 2007 Jim, Thorvald, and Louisa – year 2008
Sven, Erling, Jim och Magnus at the meeting with of Elin Petersson — year 2009
To carry through and account for a tour along the entire coast quite a few maps or charts are needed. The marked route is checked
against the logbook.
As per the agenda item 3 the candid question is put to the paddlers. At a clear answer and without objections from the jury the paddlings
are approved and the jury signs the written record.
In tence expectation befor the candid question The record of the meeting is being signed
The tension leave hold of the paddlers. They have become approved conquerors of Havspaddlarnas Blå Band.
Reciever: Elin Petersson — år 2009
If earlier booked the miniature kayak is handed over.
The table is cleared from maps and logbooks and laid with open sandwiches and beer and during the conversation that follows different things are talked over.
When everyone is satisfied in this way Jim often comes with Gun and a cake.
Gun and Jim – cake bringer
Besides being a master in his kayak his is also a master of finding reasons for a cake together with coffee.
The Oscar Celsing family   year 2008 The O C family8 The O C family
Relatives are allways welcome to visit the jury meeeting with the paddler, even new-born.
Jon Ekelund Nilsson and Peter Sjödin – year 2007
The winner in this "No-competition" is however everyone who manages to paddle the entire coast.

Further photos from jury meetings are linked from page "Approved paddlers" and respective paddler from year 2007.