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Photo: Junkön - 65º27’22.13” / 22º24’07.02”   

In our pages the headers are various photos from a HBB-paddling. The given positions could be copied to Google Earth and shows you the spot for the picture.

SVINESUND – The Starting point for HBB — a description in text and illustrations.
VIRTAKARI – The Finishing point for HBB — a description in text and illustrations.

BLOGG - We tip you where to find a free www.blogger.com without advertisements and hope it will do for you.

Correspondence to Havspaddlarnas Blå Band in Denmark is named HAVKAJAKROERNES RØDE-HVIDE BAÅND and in Finland HAVSPADDLARNAS BLÅ–VITA BAND
DENMARK: http://havkajakroerne.dk/
FINLAND: www.retkimelojat.fi (now also for K2 kayaks)

For they that so might whish, there is a ribbon even at land. The White and Green Ribbon. Some have chosen to combine those with HBB. Found out more at Vitagronabandet.se That this was started by Annika & Torkel Ideström paddling HBB in 1997 doesn't make this ribbon less interesting. A tour along our mountains.
If you rather would like to use a Surfski around our coast there is now a special ribbon, as HBB do not let them in among seakayaks.

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