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All pages up to 2020.

Every year there is a resort to incorporate new paddlers at right place. By this the risk increases for misspelling and wrong numbers etc., which we naturally ask you to forgive us for. Should your data be wrong we will be very grateful if you contact us and by this help us to keep the statistics correct. Send a message.

Our various pages are giving many results, but it is interesting to find a put together throughout the past years. Jim Danielsson was the first sea paddler to conquer The Sea Paddler’s Blue Ribbon of Sweden in 1991. Please find a series pages giving a clear view from those years.

Most pages are ended by the value for an “AverageHBB–er” answering questions as: “How far does one paddles per day”, “How long is the tour”, “How long will the tour last” and other questions that might be put.


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 Starts, Finishes and Abandoned tours  The paddlers sorted by their used days ...  
 #3   #4   
 ... and distance per tour ...  ... but also daily distance  
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 How young or old are the HBB-conquerors  Alphabetical list of approved paddlers  
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 The paddler's HBB N°  No paddling without a kayak  

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