The Norwegian Mapping Authority See sea level, tide and water level
KLART Weather forecast provided by Finnish Foreca
Coast Weather app for iphone or android Free app from Swedish Sea Rescue Society
SMHI Weather forecast from Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute
SMHI - coast weather Wind, waves and currents
SMHI - Sea Weather Forecast in Swedish
SMHI - Sea Weather Forecast in English
YR Weather forecast from Norweigan Meteorologisk institutt

Other Paddle Bands

Seakayakers Red-White Band The Red White Band along the coast of Denmark
Expedition paddlers blue white band The blue white band along the whole Finnish coast.
Finnish archipelago band Visit at least five out of ten possible places
Surfski Paddlers Blue Ribbon (SBB) A newly started band to paddle the swedish coast with a surfski

Other types of Bands

White & Green Band Walk or ski from Grövelsjön in the south to Treriksröset in the north, or vice versa

Kayak Friendly Ports

Furuögrunds marina Welcoming marina with camping
Gislövs marina Cozy marina with kiosk and and a grocery store/pizzeria in walking distance
Helsingborg Canoe Club HBB paddlers are always welcome
Hörte Hamnförening Trevlig och kajakvänlig hamn
Kivik marina Nice spot to set up a tent on the small island opposite the marina
Kristianopel Behind the marina and restaurang there is a nice place to land. Grocery store in walking distance.
Kåseberga A marina with restaurants and the famous Ale Stones in ship-like formation
Norrebro marina A small harbour where you possibly can set up your tent

Kayak-close Supermarkets

Arkösunds livs Small summer open grocery store
Asperö - Berntsson Livs Grocery store 250 meters from the marina
Find grocery stores Search for grocery stores all round Sweden
Dalarö ICA Nära Walking distance from the marina
Fyrudden grocery store Small grocery store close to the marina
Gislövs livs Small grocery store and pizzeria
Handlar\\\'n Västervik Small grocery store just at the beach
Högmarsö ICA Nära Small grocery store just at the waterfront
ICA Maxi Trelleborg Large grocery store just at the beach
Ica Nära Sturkö Close to the beach
Kristianopels handelsbod Small grocery store close to the marina
Matöppet Hällevik Grocery store close to the marina
Stocka Kajutan A small grocery store in walking distance from the marina in Stocka
Ulvö handelsbod Small grocery store
Väddö ICA Supermarket Large grocery store not far from Väddö canal

Kayak-close Restaurants

Axmar marina restaurant Nice restaurant
Bjuröklubb Cafe Fyren Close to the light house you can get food and coffe
Café & Restaurant Måsen Close to the marina in Stocka
Furuögrunds hamncafe Here you find really good shrimp sandwiches
Idö restaurant Nice food and the possibility to set up tent on Norra Bockholmen
Lörudden restaurant A nice restaurant in a picturesque little marina
Ratan Idyllic seaside village with restaurant
Restaurant Loftet Harstena Nice summer restaurant on the picturesque island Harstena
Find restaurants Search for restaurants

Kayak Centres

Bohus kajak - Orust Can be found at Stocken, Orust
Grebbestad Nautopp kajakcenter Can be found opposite the harbour
Gothenburg Escape Sea Kayaking At Önnereds Brygga,Västra Frölunda
Kajak & Uteliv och Kajaksaker Kayaks and equipment in Gräddö
Canoe guide A summary of canoe rentals, clubs and tours in Sweden
Marstrand kayaks Can be found in the middle of Marstrand
Nynäs kajak Here you can buy sea kayaks and equipment
S:t Anna Kajak - Tyrislöt Kayak rental and cafe
St:Anna - Kajakparadiset Kayak rental, restaurant and cafe
Vituddens KanotVarv - VKV Outside Västervik the famous kayak manufacturer can be found


Swedish Police If you need to report something or need help
Swedish Sea Rescue Society Here you find all rescue stations along the coast
SOS Alarm Phone numbers to call in case of emergency or accidents
SOS Alarm in english Numbers to call in the case of emergency or accident


Gothenburg canoe club If you need a break close to Gothenburg
Helsingborg canoe club Perfect place för a provision break or just a shower.
Kalmar Canoe Club Ehen paddling through Kalmar you pas the canoe club
Canoe Club Öresund Not far from Malmoe Canoe Club we find this sea kayak club
Malmö Canoe Club The canoe club is located in the canal system
Oxelösund Canoe Club Here you can fill drinking water, find a place for your tent and possibly a shower
Skellefteå Canoe Club It requires a detour to visit the club
Söderhamnspaddlarna Find more info on

Paddleable Culverts

Bondön Piteå Newly opened passage through Bondön
Drags canal Hard to find the canal entrance, but the old stone bridge is beautiful
Femöre at Oxelösund Pass through the Oxelösund harbor
Hasselö - Sladö Sheltered paddling and a shortcut
Hjuviks ferry terminal Smart shortcut to avoid the ferry terminal
Kalmar No problem att all to paddle straight through Kalmar
Kuggören Make yourself small and you should be able to pass through the road drum
North Oskarshamn Sheltered paddling inside Ekö
Oknö Passage under a bridge
Ostnäs, Sävar Small bridge between Sörvättingen and Ostögrundet
Seskarö A huge road drum that provides a shortcut to the finishing point
Stensö south of Kalmar If you arrive in Kalmar following land there is back door in to Kalmar
Svärdsö Quite roomy road drum

Dangerous passages

Islandsberg At strong SW winds keep as long as possible frpm the cliffs.
Kråksundsgap At strong SW wind you can take a more safe route north Bråtö.
Tjurpannan At strong SW wind paddle at least 500 meters from the cliffs or outside the lighthouse Väcker.

Readable books

Kusten är klar ! Bengt Larsson's book about HBB. Can be ordered directly by kajakbengt(at) or +46 (0)70-560 80 05. Price for one book 150 SEK incl. shipping.