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from the left: Thorvald N., Jim D. och Erling B. samt Jörgen Ödling Jörgen Ödling 2010
Opposite the table in photo has Jörgen the jury represented by Thorvald, Jim and Erling as the maps were scrutinised.
Some times questions are raised and Jörgen seems thinking: How did I do there? The memory didn't let him down and a unanimous jury approved the tour.
 is given her souvenir-kayak by Jim happy and approved conqueror HBB
The souvenir kayak was handed over and Jörgen has got some fine keepsakes after his paddling.

~ ~ ~ ~ 


Gert, Jenny och Johanna Thorvald, Jim, Mats, Curt och Sven Thorvald, Jim, Sven, Gert, Jenny och Johanna
Out of the quartet that started remained 3 that made the tour to the goal in Haparanda and Erika had to stay at home waiting for their approval.
In the jury we find Thorvald Nielsen, Jim Danielsson, Mats Grindvik, Curt Ostwald and Sven Berggren.
Jenny is given her souvenir-kayak by Jim the Trio Gert is given her souvenir-kayak by Jim
A happy and satisfied trio that had enriched their experiences, surely lacking the company of Erika. We hope she has recovered.



Bengt Carlsson - roll of sea carts and a logbook Thorvald Nielsen, Jim Danielsson, Sven Berggren och Bengt Carlsson Bengt Carlsson
After a nice welcoming started the jury to scrutinise carts and log.
In the jury were Thorvald Nielsen, Jim Danielsson, Sven Berggren and the photographer - not in picture - Bengt Larsson.
Bengt Carlsson was delighted and happy as the jury approved him.
Bengt Carlsson recievs the memory kayak
Without actual knowledge seems Jim say that the memory-kayak ought to have been made out of wood to fit the occasion as he point at it, but in the hands of Bengt it soon landed.
The master of tarts at the meeting with Bengt Carlsson Bengt is cutting his trace in the tart The untouched tart
The fact that Bengt was the first */ to paddle HBB with a wooden kayak - home made - was a good reason for a delicious tart.
Bengt can in other words say that he had broken the line of plastic kayaks reaching the goal.
*/ First of 7 starts.



At the jury meeting with Mats Ceder were Magnus Fischer, Thorvald Nielsen, Jim Danielsson and Sven Berggren present. With the HBB-photographer Bengt Larsson's presence we also got photos from this occasion.

Mats that had come from Finland had all correct sorted why the scrutinising elapsed rapidly. After receiving the miniature kayak there were god time for a chat about the speedy tour ( 32 days) he had made during beer and sandwiches that tasted nice.

Later came the Master of Tarts with a surprising tart specially design for this occasion.




In the juryn Oscar besides Jim also Thorvald och Sven as well as Bengt Oscar got the bok and sticker The wjole jury of today - Bengt, Thorvald and Jim with Sven in the background
Oscar's meeting with the jury proceeded well and got the sticker, but also the bonus book from Jim - 100.000 KILOMETER I HAVSKAJAK as memory of his paddling and the jury meeting.
This was also the meeting where all members of the jury were caught in the same photo. From left Bengt Larsson, Thorvald Nielsen and Jim Danielsson with Sven Berggren in the background.
So far is this the crew the jury has had most often this year and also earlier. A close make-up able to judge the possibility of chosen tracks.




As a rounding off this year came Patrik under the magnifier.
In the jury we find Curt Oswald, Thorvald, Jim och Sven samt den osynlige fotografen Bengt
But where is his pile of maps? Al was safely kept in his note book and the jury had to peep at was what shown in the screen.

With the good order Patrik's file showed a sidestep was made from that every daily leg should carefully be drawn into maps or cart according to the rules a happy paddler was approved.




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