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Who makes the appreciated miniature kayak HBB give to the approved paddlers?

Mats Grindvik is the name of the maker who aught to be looked upon as an artist. Through the years quite a quantity have been made. Al highly rated and carefully kept miniature kayak.
At the jury meeting held 2009-08-05 with Jim was Mats pro tempore chairman. The meeting was held at Mats’ place outside Stockholm. The sun was shining and the nature became the place where the meeting was held. Present were also Thorvald Nielsen, Sven Berggren and Bengt Larsson.

On his piece of land he has an outbuilding. One of its long sides carries his kayak.
At the entrance one gets a clue of what’s inside and what it is used for.

Could it possible have been Jim who posed for this wall decoration?

At the inside Mats has his workshop. The orders for this year were in work ...

... and on the wall hung other waiting for next process.


The jury meeting with Jim Danielsson after his fifth HBB-paddling.

One contribution in time to this meeting that caused happiness and appreciation was a parcel that had arrived from the Davidsson family. Last year they gathered at Jim’s home during the meeting held with Johanna. Mats as chairman red the enclosed instructions telling that the parcel aught to be opened before the meeting started and so he did.

The parcel revealed a beautiful chairman’s gavel shaped as a kayak made in wood. Jim has so far had to bang his fist on the table at each approval, but has now a more suitable tool for this.

An honoured chairman inaugurates the gavel that will decorate its place.

The maps have come forth.

No ! Jim doesn't have maps with thunderstorms showed.

It is al drawn traces through the years.

Counting the traces we will find more than 5. Those are traces from splitted tours along the coast and will soon also be five.

Then it came. – The first ’real’ stroke. – The first by a real chairman’s gavel.

A very satisfied and grateful fivefolded conqueror could later enjoy the black tart with special decoration by Mats.

Al under good help from the members of the jury.



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