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This year's first jury meeting was held by Sven Berggren, who had been foreseeing enough to bring a magnifier. He rolled up his sleeves and by this could the meeting start. During the meeting came the magnifier handy. The well-known phrase "explanation follows" can be used. The maps Thomas brought were in very high scale and were originally used as roadmaps in the army.


Approved by the jury 2014 September 13
  Thomas was the first to reach the goal RR 59 at Virtakari Cape in Haparanda. He could therefore be given his HBB number - 153. At first Thomas had to confirm the notes we had and that they corresponded to his own notes. 58 days, 2415 kilometres giving the average of 41,6 km per day.
During the meeting could Thomas often add his comments and if there were any hesitation had Thomas good knowledge about different ways round islands and through passages.

The jury consisted this time of Louisa Rolandsdotter, Thorvald Nielsen, Sven Berggren (chairman), Jim Danielsson and the photographer at this occasion Lennart Bergström.
Thomas had had a tricky weather with head wind, strong wind, rain and thunder and low temperature. In spite of this he made his way forth. As mentioned in our spy reports did Thomas and Jim change position as leader in the track and a proposed meeting never happened. It came obvious they had chosen different ways around islands as we paddlers often do. The meting today was happy. Comments and short stories were warmly changed in the well known flat at Stråkvägen in Solna. Thomas returned some times to how bad his kayak had behaved in the wind as it got rather high freeboard. This made the kayak very sensitive for wind and hard to manoeuvre. Thomas was therefore forced to modify his kayak. About 10 Kilos of sand spread out under the deck made the profile lower in the water and followed Thomas to the finish. This was an odd way to solve this problem and we are pleased he didn't use stones that had rolled around in the waves and sabotaged the paddling.
Returning to the meeting it was later time to round it up by handing over the Miniature kayak ...

... and Jim's Book.
All from Jim's hand. Even if now one hand was in bandage after a successful operation as Jim had lost most of his ability to hold thing and the feeling in the fingers.
After this followed sandwiches and beer and stories before the meeting was ended. We were all returning back home after this nice meeting after congratulations to Thomas.



Approved by the jury 2014 September 17

This was the fifth time Peter was in front of the jury after paddling his tour in only 38 days. And the distance of 2210 km giving the average of 58,2 kilometres per day.

Sven Berggren scrutinised the maps and Thorvald Nielsen checked everything compared to Peter's log book.

As the tour got its docket and the jury didn't have any complains or doubtful points needing explanation was Peter given the Miniature kayak by Jim

A black cake symbolising "a Black Belt" came forth to the finishing coffee and tasted good.
That the tour wasn't a dance on roses could we read in the spy reports. Often is it the weather that isn't cooperating. To in spite of this make the tour in 38 days is well worth our congratulations.



Approved by the jury 2014 September 20
After spending 59 days, paddling 2336 kilometres, came Ove in front of the jury and accounted for his tour with log book and maps. The weather was often troublesome with its northerly wins this season affecting many in spite it has been an unusual hot summer as the warmth at last arrived. Is it about timing or is it the season clock needing adjustments we will not tell. To Haparanda came Ove and touched the border mark 59, happy and pleased and we can nothing but congratulate.

The jury- Sven Berggren, Jim Danielsson and Thorvald Nielsen approved Ove as conqueror of Havspaddlarnas Blå Band. As Thorvald also takes the photos he is missing in the photo..
To the finishing coffee came Jim with a princess cake. Ove paddled a kayak he had made himself and was in this way observed.




Approved by the jury 2014 September 20

Today was also the distance meeting for Simon held as they earlier have had the pleasure to approve Ove and were together. As Simon lives in Bremen a distance meeting is handy.

The jury was in other words same as at the meeting held for Ove and Thorvald still had to manoeuvre the camera.

Simon had sent his log book and maps accomplished with his assurance that he had read and understood the rules and followed these. The jury's task consisted of to check the drawn trace in the map and compare them to notes in the log book. As no differences could be found could Simon be approved.
To the jury remained later only to return received material Simon had sent together with . . .

... confirmation of the jury's verdict. The miniature kayak Simon wishes will also be sent. From our distance we would like to send Simon our congratulation to his speedy tour and hope he doesn't fret about his wish of 30 days were impossible to reach.

Together with the return of Simon's documents followed his miniature kayak.



Approved by thge juryn 2014 October 09
The meeting had its beginning and surely not without a tingle of excitement in Rolf. Should the questions be hard to answer. Should his answer be accepted by the jury. It soon showed that Rolf had a nice order in his story with exemplary notes in his log book that covered the 2644 km he had paddled.

Rolf brought, in forced manner, a good pile of charts and in photo one could get a glimpse of the trace he had drawn, but at first were all personal information checked to correspond to reality.
Rolf Andersson
As the charts and log book were scrutinised could Jim sign his book and hand this over to Rolf before the miniature kayak could be given to its owner by rights by Jim.

Later Rolf told about his tour and it came forth that he wasn't an experienced sea paddler. By this he followed the coast the long way around bays, which gave a high total distance. In spite of this did Rolf challenge his own limits and one experience he surly got from this tour was to not be afraid of open water that he normally used to avoid He felt safer in the kayak. It was in other words not the weather delaying him but more his skill that now had been stronger. He was in fact rather pleased by the weather after he had only had a few days of idling in strong wind.


The jury, in its various constellations, could at this meeting celebrate that it now had been collected 120 times. Surely has it by the years got a very good knowledge of islands, bays and gulfs along the entire Swedish coast. Nothing has however become routine and keep its interest for coming paddling challengers.



Approved by the jury 2014 October 18
Today was a jury in full numbers gathered at Thorvald's home. It was time to scrutinize the 6th tour of Jim. In the jury are Louisa Rolandsdotter, Curt Ostwald, Sven Berggren and Mats Grindvik together and naturally Jim Danielsson and Thorvald Nielsen who occasionally held the camera.

The meeting was rapidly started and it showed an advance the jury was in full numbers. It was always someone who succeeded to find or follow the right track of the actual tour. Jim has all his tracks carefully drawn in different colours in his maps. Not only from earlier HBB tours but for all the tours he has made.

But who if not Jim himself could jump in and lead the jury back to the right track.

All went on well and it was soon time to have the miniature kayak, this time handed over by the artist Mats himself.

Everybody was eager to look at the miniature as they congratulated Jim. (No miniature is the other like as they are handmade by Mats. they are just similar.) It was shortly after the meeting placed beside the other five and made a proud complement of the collection.

Cake and miniature kayak! Well, one is grateful. No wonder Jim looks satisfied, but there is reason to it.

Everybody had a chare of the delicious golden cake and congratulated Jim to the new record that in the mature age of 80 still is able to make the tour.

Stories followed from Jim direct who hadn't had an easy tour this time. The period of head wind combined with a double carpal tunnel problem, but still making it to the goal. More of this will be found in his story here at the homepage.



Approved by the jury 2014 October 31
At this last day of the autumn was the jury called together as Peter was to come in front of the jury. A clearly visible line showed his tour from start to finish, that helped the jury that this time consisted of Sven Berggren, Jim Danielsson, Magnus Fischer and Thorvald Nielsen.

Peter had taken time out twice during the tour that is allowed according to the rules. Once to attend to a wedding and once to mend his own body as he were about to overstrain a muscle. It all turned out well and Peter could continue. Peter had had good luck with the weather in his opinion. In a comfortable tempo he had been able to enjoy all the experiences.

Maps and log book were scrutinised and found correct and the rules had been followed all time. That's why one soon reached the point to hand over the miniature kayak.

Peter was satisfied and happy and a while of changing kayak experiences followed.



Approved by the jury November 15
At this, the last jury meeting of this season, it was time to scrutinize André's log book and sea charts by Sven Berggren, Jim Danielsson and Thorvald Nielsen. From the photos one can imaging all went well and in good speed. Thorvald, who has the task to follow all track readings from the maps in the log, doesn't have the time to have some photos during this session when all maps are spread out at the table.

That's why we rapidly enter the chapter were Jim signs his book and the sea chart are put together and André looks satisfied as his accountancy has been approved.
Another 'accountancy' André made while paddling was to fulfil an examination. He was idling about a week to concentrate in that task and combined use and joy that turned out well.
Well done André.

With great joy and satisfaction was the miniature kayak received - this nice souvenir after his paddling and further more gold plated by a nice book.

Once more was the table made free of actual stuff and Jim brought beer and sandwiches.
André is now the paddler who has made the latest finish of all our paddlers. The old date was November 19 when Wolfgang Metzeltin reached Virtakari Cape, but the new date is November 28 set by André.
YES. There are a lot of tiny records to capture within HBB if one is looking for this. Even without his 8 days without a single paddle stroke when he made his examination André would have capture ‘latest’ finish even though only by a day. This was nothing he aimed for. It’s just how things tuned out. André had the time to enjoy the paddling and was satisfied with the various weathers he had had.



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