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Jon Ekelund Nilsson och Peter Sjödin — år 2007 Jim Danielsson, Webmaster, Jon Ekelund Nilsson och Peter Sjödin — år 2007 Bengt Larsson och Thorvald Nielssen iakttar Jim Danielsson som granskar en karta 2007
Carts and maps are scrutinised for each paddler as far as they didn't paddle together
Mottagare: erövraren Peter Sjödin — år 2007 Mottagare: erövraren Jon Ekelund Nilsson — år 2007
The paddlers are given the souvenir-kayak by Jim.
Jon and Peter didn't start together but met some times before they decided to paddle together all way to goal.
Peter Sjödin - Nr 100 – år 2007
The 100-tart 2007 celebrating Peter Sjödin — he became the 100th person to conquer HBB.




Bengt Larsson and all his maps 2008
Bengt Larsson who often is the photographer was himself in frot of the jury after his fifth HBB-paddling with a considerable lot of maps.
Bengt Larsson is given his fifth little kayak 2008 Proud owner
Bengt is given his miniature-kayak and proudly show it ...
... before his achievement was noticed with the black tart mentioned above - just as nice as usual according to witnesses with nice taste.



Oscar Celsing approved by the jury 2008
Oscar paddled HBB and was supported by his common-law wife Frida who just gave birth to their son Hugo just after the day Oscar reached the goal.
The Oscar Celsing family   year 2008 The trio admire the miniatyr kayak ... ... and will now taste the cake – year 2008
The family Celsing - Frida with their son Hugo and 'father' Oscar.
The cake that was served was probably the first Hugo has seen. We congratulate to the birth and are looking forward to a coming paddler in Hugo and at the same time greet Oscar to his paddling.



Johanna Davidsson and parents — år 2008 Mats Grindvik, Jim Danielsson, Thorvald Nielssen and Erling Bengtsson — år 2008 Sven Berggren, Magnus Fischer, Johannas systrar, Mats Grindvik and Jim Danielsson 2008
This meeting was held for Johanna. She was accomplished by parents and sisters and friendly dog. Also the jury was well represented.
Johanna Davidsson — år 2008
Johanna had paddled HBB and continued with the Finnish Blue/White Ribbon which she also fulfilled. This was noticed with a nice tart.
As a memory of this meeting Jim Danielsson was next year presented with an appreciated chairman's gavel in shape of a kayak.
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