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Approved by the jury 2016 September 07
The first jury meeting was held for Pernilla. The jury members were Sven Berggren, Jim Danielsson and Thorvald Nielsen who also registered the meeting in photos.
Pernilla had a very nice account that the jury liked.
As she only used GPS she had no charts with the route drawn. Instead she had photos from how the GPS had saved her route. Pernilla has in other words used what's possible in the technique and got a clear view of her tour.

Her account for the tour left no questions and was soon scrutinized by the jury that soon could approve her HBB-tour.
To celebrate this year's only female paddler a delicious cake was brought forth.

In connection with her reach of goal sad Pernilla she had have a fantastic tour coming up to all her expectations. The weather had not caused her any problems even if sometimes tough. Her happy smile doesn't surprise us.





Approved by the juryn 2016 September 14
Today it was Peter's turn to stand in front of the jury. In the jury he found Sven Berggren, Jim Danielsson and Thorvald Nielsen also acting as photographer.

This was the seventh time to Peter and he had his account in good arrangement with the route fully readable through the maps.

It was not long before the jury could give their approval and Peter got his miniature kayak from Jim.

Peter liked to give Jim a self-made medal from oak wood as gratitude for all his jury meetings. At one side was a compass rose and the opposite side showed a Tai Chi symbol. The symbol represent the skills needed to fulfil a HBB-paddling.

To celebrate this seventh time of HBB paddling was a new tart presented after well-known beer and sandwich and chat.




Approved by the jury 2016 October 25
Today it was time for the two 'Emils' to stand in front of the jury that was one man short bit still legal and led by
Jim Danielsson with usual help from Thorvald Nielsen.
After their start April 17 the - the Emils - are now they who have started earliest within HBB. Many have followed them through their blog. In time for their passage of Piteå they could as the first HBB-paddlers use the recently opened canal north of Bondön for leisure vehicles. Just for not be forced to go round the island on their way north.
As the jury was a bit decimated had the camera got to be left aside while maps, charts and log book was scrutinized.

Without finding and wrongs could their tour be approved and the record be signed.

On that followed handing over of the miniature kayaks.

The pleasure of being approved is not to be passed.




Approved by the jury 2016 November 19
In the Jury where found Sven Berggren, Jim Danielsson as well as Thorvald Nielsen besides also photographer during the meeting.

Staffan brought forth his maps and computer while Jim wondered: ”But Staffan, here is no trace drawn.‘ Well. None of present was worse man than that problem could be solved.
It was pure luck the computer was brought along, there could surely all dates be receptively and the meeting could proceed.

Soon enough could the jury agree in their verdict and the registration be done. After this could Staffan get the miniature kayak handed over by Jim.
Staffan did put a new record in number of days - 154. Despite this was a forced on time with work he had to do, Did Staffan never lose his intention to paddle the entire coast.
Time expense has now importance in this no-competition where the follow-through is the goal.

A delicious tart was later served to celebrate his records and that Staffan reached the goal of his intention, in spite the webmaster by a misunderstanding cut him out far before halfway.
By this an extra CONGRATULATION to Staffan.




Approved by the jury 2016 December 01
The jury consisted of Sven Berggren, Jim Danielsson and Thorvald Nielsen, who also was the photographer.

After a good examination of maps with the drawn track from the tour could the jury agree on their approval.

Finally got Jonathan and Mikael their desired miniature kayaks

They had become approved conquerors of HBB.

In this way was the HBB-season ended that in this year had been hard-working, interesting, unique and filled with experiences to the paddlers with winds in 'good manner' not were at their side.



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