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Approved by the jury 2015 October 07

Peter had suddenly a errand in Stockholm and his meeting had to be arranged hurriedly. Present were Sven Berggren, Jim Danielsson and Mats Grindvik. Loyal to his habit had Peter good order in maps and log book. After all he has done this 5 times before.

How well things even are planned could occasions arise that need further explanation or one might cone to think of something special seen or occurred that isn't clear from the log book.

The meeting advanced and it was soon time to present the always valued Miniature kayak.

The book premium was also given over to Peter and the happiness of being an approved conqueror for the sixth time showed in his face.

Gun had the opportunity to congratulate Peter at the coffee table.

The Golden tart was this time brown as it was a tart with French chocolate. Perhaps was it due to lack of time the golden tart this time got a worthy substitute this time.



Approved by the jury 2015 Oktober 24

It was today time for Jonas to stand before the jury, scrutinizing maps and log all kept in his pad.

Perhaps it felt little unusual to look at it all on a screen instead of turning physical papers.

And yes, does Jim look a bit worried, surely just for a short while. The exposition was pleasant and Jonas could receive the miniature kayak from Jim while the other jury members - Sven Berggren and Thorvald Nielsen amused watched in that part of the jury meeting.

Jonas' paddling had been approved by the jury.

As Jonas earlier had told he had had a nice tour and made in fantastic 37 days. A record for this year it has proved. Nothing that will influence the jury, but still well done and Jonas could enjoy the finishing and belonging gifts where Jim's book is a valued part.
The final coffee is always welcome and gives the opportunity to an open talk over experiences during the tour.



Approved by the jury 2015 October 27

During today's jury meeting were in good order Sven Berggren, Thorvald Nielsen and Jim Danielsson present as well as photographer Lennart Bergström. Also this - the meeting for Lina was rapidly arranged as she was in Stockholm for a visit.

The glances from everybody were fixed at Lina's maps that formed a good pile. Not without excitement followed Lina Sven's scrutinizing of the maps and answered rapidly upon eventual questions.

Sven could finally state the jury's unanimous approval with help from the chairmen's gavel and this was signed by the members of the jury and filed.

By this got Jim the opportunity to hand over the HBB sticker to pimp her kayak as well as his book present that Lina showed her appreciation to.

Jim's 'hand over' of the miniature kayak was then next step in the program with a short presentation of its maker Mats Grindvik. Followed by the actual hand over and also Lina's delight one couldn't avoid recognize.

Another two more points remained in the program. First beer and sandwich, even if Lina rather had water. The table was then re-laid for coffee/the and Jim came with a pinked cake decorated by a kayak and the text: "Lina HBB 80 days". No record in itself but a memorable achievement by Lina who only a week ago arrived at the goal for The Green & White ribbon she started beginning of February. A temporary lodger found it hard to let go of the3 delicious cake, but was surely same for us all.

Lina who has walked and cycled through southerly countries had a lot to tell and it will even be more after a planned walk in another part of the world next year. We wish her luck and will follow her in her blog.



Godkänd av juryn 2015 NOVEMBER 09

At today's long distance meeting were Sven Berggren, Jim Danielsson and Thorvald Nielsen present. And the meeting was held at Thorvald's home.

Two of the present jury members got caught on film and the third - Thorvald are we not to see. Not even as a mirror picture somewhere. He stood behind the camera, well protected. A fact all we others are pleased to.

A lot of Ivan's account was built on what he had written at his homepage. An accurate homepage the jury really liked.

It didn't take long before the certificate of the meeting with its signs could be filed together with all the others and Ivan could rejoice in being an approved conqueror of HBB.



Approved by the jury 2015 NOVEMBER 15
Present at this meeting were Sven Berggren, Jim Danielsson, Thorvald Nielsen and Louisa Rolandsdotter.
The hearing proceeded well and in god order according to given points. Jonas' had brought all maps and log book. During his paddling he had used a SPOT and got in this way all positions given. They also corresponded to the marks Jonas had drawn in the maps.

It was then time for Jonas get the Miniature kayak handed over by Jim.

Next point in today's agenda was served and was as usual a welcome and nice change.

Jonas has got good reason to be proud and satisfied with the day as well as his paddling.

Jonas used the record time of 127 days. In the beginning was it a lot of strong winds. He often had to stay put as many of the other paddler also had to. Then got Jonas a cold that set him back for a while. Then it was time for Jonas to change place of living as he got a flat in Gothenburg. Towards Sundsvall he got problems with his back after a long walk with food he had bought. Then it once more was time to get some 'off time' a couple of days and also visit a doctor. He had to continue in spite of the problem. He paddled in cold weather but reached his goal. That's why he also should com to this meeting. The temper was happy to the last minute. "A good laugh prolong . . . " could be the right text to this photo.



Approved by the jury 2015 NOVEMBER 20
Also this jury meeting consisted of Sven Berggren, Jim Danielsson and Thorvald Nielsen who frequently are the jury loyal the paddlers stand in front of..

Jan Olof had come up from Gothenburg and brought his data from the tour. Neatly in a cover were the maps sorted in good order. Easy to browse through following the notes from the log book.
The jury's task went quickly and could be registered as all others. JO was approved as the HBB-paddler he had proved to be.

And soon one were also at the point where the miniature kayak is handed over by Jim. Jo received it with joy and pride.

During the following beer and sandwiches JO talked about his thoughts and experiences from the paddling. It had been tough from time to time as he like many of the others were out during the period when the wind often showed it's strength and the rain bet upon kayak deck or tent. In spite of this reached JO the finish that he had postulated to.



Approved by the jury 2015 DECEMBER 03
The finishing jury meeting this year was held by Sven Berggren, Jim Danielsson and Thorvald Nielsen - a loyal trio within HBB.

The precedence of the meeting followed the schedule of all other meetings. Wolfgang had sent all his documents that were scrutinized by the jury and compare to his log book. The notes about the daily distances and positions for nights did not cause any problems to the jury. A fact that perhaps could not be said about the spy- reports that still gave a picture of Wolfgang's tour.

The jury could therefore united give their approval of Wolfgang's tour. A dedicated book and Miniature kayak were packed to be sent to Wolfgang. He was also called waiting eagerly to hear the verdict of the jury.

Wolfgang replied, during the call, with his regards to "Team Jim" that later finished the meeting with a tart celebrating this second HBB-tour by Wolfgang.



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