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Sven B., Thorvald N., Jim D., Curt Ostwald and Pasi Airike — 2009 Pasi Airike får gets his second memory-kayak 2009
His achivements render a nice tart 2009
Pasi made his second HBB-paddling 2009



Leif Andersson came by bice 2009 ...map after map – 2009 Leif Andersson och hans femte miniatyrkajak 2009
Leif arrived true to his habit by bicycle to his meeting in 2009. Leif is an experienced cyclist who likes to paddle his kayak.



Elin Petersson — 2009 Jim Danielsson has just been giving a copy of his book to Elin Petersson – 2009
Also solo paddler Elin's maps and log where under the magnifier. Such is the agenda and all turned out well.
reciever: Elin Petersson — år 2009 Jim Danielsson, Elin Petersson and tårtan — år 2009



Father and son

Pontus and Torbjörn Eliasson... ...the scrutinising continues – 2009
Torbjörn and Pontus fulfilled their mutual whish — to conquer HBB.
Pontus Eliasson is given his memory-kayak 2009 Torbjörn Eliasson also gets his memory-kayak 2009 book recievers Torbjörn and Pontus Eliasson 2009 Father – son (Torbjörn and Pontus Eliasson) and a nice tart — 2009



The first to conquer the record "Juniors, ladies (age at start 18 but not 20 years)"

The meeting with Hanna starts — 2009 From the meeting with Hanna Liljebäck 2009 Hanna Liljebäck and Mats Grindvik with Louisa Rolandsdotter in the background 2009
One evening in beginning of November was the time for Hanna and her meeting with the jury. The entire jury concentrated at the maps and log Hanna had brought and found that noting had been done wrong. As the youngest female paddler (so far) she was approved record holder in her class.
In the jury we found Jim Danielsson, Sven Berggren, Thorvald Nielsen, Louisa Rolandsdotter, Mats Grindvik, Erling Bengtsson and mostly behind the camera Bengt Larsson.
Hanna Liljebäck is given her memory-kayak 2009 Hanna Liljebäck – 2009 Hanna Liljebäck och Bengt Larsson 2009
As both Hanna and Bengt are living outside Stockholm on the islands in Mälaren they posed together just as Bengt hug her as congratulation.
The master of the tarts Jim Danielsson, Gun Adolfsson, Louisa Rolandsdotter and Hanna Liljebäck 2009 Hanna liljebäcks achievment was a good reason for a tart 2009 Gun Adolfsson, Louisa Rolandsdotter and Hanna Liljebäck 2009



Andreas started with his friend Andrew who later had to abandon. Already at Laholmsbukten they used to meet Petter who had started alone. With different speed in paddling they didn't paddle together but met in the evenings. From Blekinge after Andrew had abandoned at Simrishamn kept Andreas and Petter together. Such things have happened before but to me – webmaster was this occasion special. More about this later.
Paddle mates Petter Öhman and Andreas Öst mett again Petter's maps are investigated
It started with maps and log from Andreas up to the position he joined Petter and then from Petter up to the same position.
Jim and Curt Ostwald with Andreas and Petter Thorvald Nielösen, Jim Danielsson and Curt Ostwald Bengt Larsson and I as spectators
The remaining distance was showed together and turned out well.
reciever Andreas Öst reciever Petter Öhman Satisfied conquerors
överraskningarnas tårtmästare
Also this meeting with Andreas and Petter 2009 was to be rounded off with a delicious tart as Jim came carrying a such promising thing.
As promised comes here the explanation why this meeting was special. Special from my point of view. In addition to have met Andreas and Petter we had a lot of contact and paddled together to Kåseberg where we lost contact. Petter stayed at Löderup with a bad stomach and the duo Andreas/Andrew were stranded at Sandhammaren while I went on to Skillinge. It was a rainy, windy and cold period and I met Andrew in Simrishamn after he had abandoned and Andreas just went on. I made my way to Gropahålet and expected to find Andreas, but disappointed stayed just inside the outlet. Andreas came walking to me the day after. He had only passed the outlet before he stopped ands was held back by the wind. Later he was also to my assistance when my sons fetched me as parcel unable to pack my stuff.
ärans belöning tacksam mottagare
Jim liked to in this way thank me for my work with this homepage. A task that might take some time, but would give nothing without all contributions from paddlers and others.
Many thanks to You all.
It was a pure pleasure to split the tart with my friends.



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